Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Brother and the Toilet

Read a hilarious, but maddening and somewhat depressing, article about the evolution of the modern American toilet from its obvious environmentally-unfriendly days of 5 gallon flushing power to the puny 1.6 gallon regulated babbling brook we find today. Has there actually been a massive increase in plunger sales or plumber calls since the government decided to regulate things like how much water our toilet can flush?

Regulate our toilet water? Sheesh, next thing you know they will want to regulate how much toilet paper an eating establishment carries in the bathroom. Wait. They already tried to do that in Florida.

Government control over all aspects of our lives is ruining this country. See the current health care legislation for the most egregious example. The uncontrollable lust for power and the greed to keep everybody equal and level reminds me of a place I spent time in. The former Soviet Union. For nearly 70 years they tried to control everything about a person and their life but look how that ended. Tragic.

We cannot afford a perestroika in America, it should never get to that point.

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