Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now Is The Time

2010 marks a mid-cycle election and now is the time to start making the distinction between the candidates. Primaries are coming up in the spring so don't wait until then to decide who you would like to support.

2009 was an interesting year for me, I dropped my membership with the Republican party and became independent. I don't care what party, or even if there is a party, that a candidate represents as long as they represent me and my beliefs. They could be Democrat or Republican, Constitutional or Libertarian, that distinction makes no difference to me. What matters is substance and what they stand for.

Who is up for re-election this year? Senator Bob Bennett is on the clock and I will work hard to ensure that he is no elected to represent Utah. I hope Mark Shurtleff doesn't come back into the race, he doesn't bring anything new to the table. Two candidates look good to me - Cherilyn Eager, James Williams, and Mike Lee (if he decides to run). Check them out as a conservative alternative to the now-conservative minded Bob Bennett.

Rob Bishop is also up for re-election but I think Rep. Bishop has done a good job, no complaints. There are no challengers at this point but I am sure one or two will pop up. They will need to be fairly right-wing to out conservative Rep. Bishop.

The last race I am looking at this year is for the local House seat that Jim Gowans occupies. 4 years ago my best friend tried to win that seat and didn't succeed. Gowans is a powerful man in Tooele with many connections in both parties. Jess was a strong candidate but still failed to reach the voters with his conservative message although all signs pointed to a strong showing. Voter apathy will continually remain the biggest problem in Tooele County. I don't know if Gowans runs this year or if he gives it up to a new candidate. Hopefully there are some good people who decide to take the plunge in the next month or two.

Now is the time to learn about these candidates and their positions. An exciting time of year!

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