Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mike Lee Announces Run For Senate

Mike Lee, son of former BYU president Rex Lee, announced today that he would run for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Bob Bennett. He joins Cherilyn Eager, James Williams, and Tim Bridgewater as challengers to Sen. Bennett this fall.

I am still investigating what the differences are between the 4 of them, more on that later. Sen. Bennett must sense the oncoming tsunami as he was on the new last night about security related to the new federal court house here in Salt Lake. Sen. Bennett was the one who secured the funding for that building and was commenting on the need for beefed-up security there in light of yesterday's Las Vegas shootings.

We are going to see a LOT more of Senator Bennett in the coming months as they move to the Republican primary in May. At this point it looks iffy that he makes it out of the Republican primary - I wouldn't bet on him.

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